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Saturday, April 18, 2009

well done rahul -now sourav its your Turn

well done Rahul,what a fantastic heart winning knock, it opened the lane of many memories, your debue in the cricket world, and your journey so far, this Inning was not merely fatched a victory for your team Banglore Royal challangers. this means many more, we could read out form your body language, from your eyes behind helmat, you wanted to say many things, to many people, to people who tried to pull you down, almost wrote you off, those flat track bullies , who were quick on that havenly made pitches, and made few knocks. and behaved like a god. but when ball talks ,it moves and wavers, those maggy-noodles players of modern era flounders,fails and fails misrably.they make not only there own mockery, but of the entire game, superstars of yesteryears who sqirm seening there shots, have had the reasons to squirm-with ahh ,what a shotttt-you ideot, its cricket not gilly danda, but nobody listenedbut you showed us the patience, that lagends are not made in a day and not by few itsy bitsy innings, more than 10000 runs in both Test and one day format is not a child play. people who have been busy making wines and purchasing jets and have been vocal in there approch, who would not mind splurging crores in a party of beautiful women, they tried to run the game like corporate world,could not wait for one edition of IPL, they removed you unceromoniously, this inning is for those who did not take you in one dayers, who tried to write your cricket obitury,you, sachin and Anil kumbley's innings have kindled hope in lakhs and crores of seasoned people that experence does count, you have been a batsman a class apart, went through of rigmaroll of cricket, have been made a wicketkeeper to survive, you did the job well, you were called a wall, but not fit for quick version of the game, but this inning changed a lot, i am very very very happy, now we all waited with bated breath for same inning from Sourav ganguly....your inning is has showed Mr Mallaya some thing, now we also want to Show Mr Shahrukh khan same thing-the massage should go loud and clear that money is not every thing....cheers Rahul

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