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Saturday, April 18, 2009

sacking Kaif and others...It had to happen

Rajasthan Royals decision to sack 7 players and send them back to India is a Phenomenal incident,and eye opener and should be viewed as an outcome of corporatization of cricket, it’s a first sign of harsh reality in cricket, where there is no place for emotion, loyalty. Here performance is the key, as it happens in corporate world, the companies who are ready to squander crores of Rupees on god becoming /behaving cricketers, one should also keep in mind that nothing comes as a rider in big dirty world of money. Here employers can asked to sack top notch cricketers like VVS laxman, Rahul dravid, and can give signal to sourav Ganguly, that your time is to say Tata, and make way to others , who can perform, in Totality, it may sound too harsh and Inhuman to we emotional Indians, but it had to happen and in My opinion its happening for good, these cricketers have become too big for there boots, they behave so arrogantly as if they are born star, generally don’t behave accordingly in public, the public who run after them, is treated shabbily. Look what was the response of Mr Harbhajan singh when he was asked that where was he at the time of Padam awards were being given?. So its good that in future we listen that one top cricketer has been fired from the team and has sent back and later has called bac again..its a matter of Money honey!!!! Be ready for that, nothing comes free in this world,

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