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Monday, April 20, 2009

Mr Malaya better luck next time

it happened, it has happened in the past as well, its reminds me the final of 2003 world cup. when pressure mounts and the expectations are high, you are bound to crumble under pressure, and if its a T20, than chances are very unlikely, as it happened in port ellejabeth , south africa, what Heden did can not usually be done by others in a same day. and its proved right, when you have target of 180 on the board, and opponents have to chase 9 run per over. no matter if yo have players like Jack kallis, kevin Peterson and Robin Utthapa and Rahul Dravid.so it was very likely that the better played team won, only thing that disappointing was it turned out to be one sided.had it been full 20 over play, it would have been better, but no batsman could resist the tempatation to slog the ball....Dhoni well done

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