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Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Money Honey, why cry?

IPl second edition is being started today, there is so much Hype in Media that what is going to happen in South Africa is the biggest sporting event of the world. Well it’s the power of Indian Money, every body concerned and connected is dancing on tunes of IPL, and whoever is not connected has been suffering from envy. Obscenic amount of Money is being splurged, all the owner of the team are businessmen, they talk business and want result and profit at the end, where few of the leverages are given to perform, but no place for emotion, hire and fire is the norm. if you are not good, you have no place, no matter how big you have been, and these franchisees are right in there approach, its there Money, and its club cricket, whoever they want to play is there prerogative if tomorrow sahrukh Khan wants his son to play in KKR, he can nobody can stop him, if he does not want to make Sourav Captain Of his Team, he has every right and should be. Why most off the Bongs(though there are countable hooligans who want to catch media lime light) are upset, sourav can make Runs who would you prefer Macculum or sourav, if its your Team. Take another example of Rahul Dravid, the proverbial wall- has and should have the place in T20 format, when the same BCCi does not consider him for the squad, how can somebody expect the he should remain captain of Banglore Royal challengers, and what about Very Very special Laxman.I think these players should be criticized rather , not understanding the ground reality and still sticking to the chair for sake of the money. They are Millioners already and have earned the reputation. They cant and should not sit on there laurels . they should be more careful about there hard earned reputation. And should have been more wise by being flexible. If I had put the money In IPL and had the team, I would have done the same what Shahrukh Khan and Vijay Malaya have done. They are here to entertain people and earn some money by doing it, they are not doing charity, why there are commotion of sacking Sourav,Rahul, and VVS laxman, because they are not fit for T20 format, they can but they are not natural T20 player, sourav can hit few big shots, but after making 30 ,40 or 50 runs , he would be a liability as a fielder, and what about Rahul and laxman and kaif ?...can anybody in the world swear that they have been meted out a wrong treatment. Sourav ganguly have been given enough indications that he can go, and he should be sport enough to accommodate the new demand, You May not like Mr. John Buchannan, but Auusies are more professionals, we should not forget that no matter how we dislike MR. Greg Chapel but he was the first one , who broke the comfort zone in Indian Team, otherwise we all knew that few greats used to take there place in the team for granted. Chapel broke that comfort, he made few changes, put seniors on there toes, criticized them. Result you can see, now that same seniors are firing there all cylinders.No body is talking about replacing or sacking Verendre Sehwag or Yuvraj Singh or MS Dhoni, because fundamentally they are fit players for T20. Sachin is in the best form, and too big to touch…so one should be realistic enough that its tough world and Money talks here.

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