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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sachin -a total paisa Vasool

what a Knock?
Sachin is such a great form, well if the nation of one billion people is shouting,that he is god. they have reasons to say that. at the age of 36, he is showing the kind of form, that can put the money of youngesters run for there money...लगे रहो सचिन..what sharukh cant do and and vijay malaya must have been envying...mukesh ambani is having pride....mumbai Indians might ot win the IPL cup this time, but the shots are being played by this mastero...is a total paisa vasool

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long Live Sachin

Today is Sachin's 36 BirthDay...want to say-Happy Birth Day sachin, got this photo on the net, it took me down the memory lane, 20 years before a boy came , hw smiled, he whacked the ball all around the ground, and he conqured the world with his charming curly hair,smile and unmatched talent, a whole generation saw him in admiration, this pic is befiting to that memory, that childhood, who dreamt to be like him, mind says that god bless us with that kind kind of chilhood, but heart says, no that is enough, we have schin, and should like to keep our own original Sachin...long live Sachin...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Robin as wicket keeper-its new form of the game

well its the demand of the modern cricket, that barriers are being broken to play this game, cricket has passed many bridges since its inception, from test cricket to one day to T-20 to 6 a side, to beach cricket. we are accoustemed of seeing specialist players like batsman, bowlers and wicketkeeper. though there have been always captains who experemented with the format. now seeing specialist batsman like Robin utthappa keeping the wickets send cricket fans bit in a tizzy. what is he doing behind the wickets? but he is doing his new job convincingly well, and he has given this task inspite having a world class kepper mark baucher in his side. this is the demand of the game, and it gives loud and clear, that this game is evolving, now only those will get to play in the team who has the ability to mould accordingly. because who knows that in the future , we get to see a wicketkeeper bowling also, this is matter of demand....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mr Malaya better luck next time

it happened, it has happened in the past as well, its reminds me the final of 2003 world cup. when pressure mounts and the expectations are high, you are bound to crumble under pressure, and if its a T20, than chances are very unlikely, as it happened in port ellejabeth , south africa, what Heden did can not usually be done by others in a same day. and its proved right, when you have target of 180 on the board, and opponents have to chase 9 run per over. no matter if yo have players like Jack kallis, kevin Peterson and Robin Utthapa and Rahul Dravid.so it was very likely that the better played team won, only thing that disappointing was it turned out to be one sided.had it been full 20 over play, it would have been better, but no batsman could resist the tempatation to slog the ball....Dhoni well done

Saturday, April 18, 2009

well done rahul -now sourav its your Turn

well done Rahul,what a fantastic heart winning knock, it opened the lane of many memories, your debue in the cricket world, and your journey so far, this Inning was not merely fatched a victory for your team Banglore Royal challangers. this means many more, we could read out form your body language, from your eyes behind helmat, you wanted to say many things, to many people, to people who tried to pull you down, almost wrote you off, those flat track bullies , who were quick on that havenly made pitches, and made few knocks. and behaved like a god. but when ball talks ,it moves and wavers, those maggy-noodles players of modern era flounders,fails and fails misrably.they make not only there own mockery, but of the entire game, superstars of yesteryears who sqirm seening there shots, have had the reasons to squirm-with ahh ,what a shotttt-you ideot, its cricket not gilly danda, but nobody listenedbut you showed us the patience, that lagends are not made in a day and not by few itsy bitsy innings, more than 10000 runs in both Test and one day format is not a child play. people who have been busy making wines and purchasing jets and have been vocal in there approch, who would not mind splurging crores in a party of beautiful women, they tried to run the game like corporate world,could not wait for one edition of IPL, they removed you unceromoniously, this inning is for those who did not take you in one dayers, who tried to write your cricket obitury,you, sachin and Anil kumbley's innings have kindled hope in lakhs and crores of seasoned people that experence does count, you have been a batsman a class apart, went through of rigmaroll of cricket, have been made a wicketkeeper to survive, you did the job well, you were called a wall, but not fit for quick version of the game, but this inning changed a lot, i am very very very happy, now we all waited with bated breath for same inning from Sourav ganguly....your inning is has showed Mr Mallaya some thing, now we also want to Show Mr Shahrukh khan same thing-the massage should go loud and clear that money is not every thing....cheers Rahul

It's Money Honey, why cry?

IPl second edition is being started today, there is so much Hype in Media that what is going to happen in South Africa is the biggest sporting event of the world. Well it’s the power of Indian Money, every body concerned and connected is dancing on tunes of IPL, and whoever is not connected has been suffering from envy. Obscenic amount of Money is being splurged, all the owner of the team are businessmen, they talk business and want result and profit at the end, where few of the leverages are given to perform, but no place for emotion, hire and fire is the norm. if you are not good, you have no place, no matter how big you have been, and these franchisees are right in there approach, its there Money, and its club cricket, whoever they want to play is there prerogative if tomorrow sahrukh Khan wants his son to play in KKR, he can nobody can stop him, if he does not want to make Sourav Captain Of his Team, he has every right and should be. Why most off the Bongs(though there are countable hooligans who want to catch media lime light) are upset, sourav can make Runs who would you prefer Macculum or sourav, if its your Team. Take another example of Rahul Dravid, the proverbial wall- has and should have the place in T20 format, when the same BCCi does not consider him for the squad, how can somebody expect the he should remain captain of Banglore Royal challengers, and what about Very Very special Laxman.I think these players should be criticized rather , not understanding the ground reality and still sticking to the chair for sake of the money. They are Millioners already and have earned the reputation. They cant and should not sit on there laurels . they should be more careful about there hard earned reputation. And should have been more wise by being flexible. If I had put the money In IPL and had the team, I would have done the same what Shahrukh Khan and Vijay Malaya have done. They are here to entertain people and earn some money by doing it, they are not doing charity, why there are commotion of sacking Sourav,Rahul, and VVS laxman, because they are not fit for T20 format, they can but they are not natural T20 player, sourav can hit few big shots, but after making 30 ,40 or 50 runs , he would be a liability as a fielder, and what about Rahul and laxman and kaif ?...can anybody in the world swear that they have been meted out a wrong treatment. Sourav ganguly have been given enough indications that he can go, and he should be sport enough to accommodate the new demand, You May not like Mr. John Buchannan, but Auusies are more professionals, we should not forget that no matter how we dislike MR. Greg Chapel but he was the first one , who broke the comfort zone in Indian Team, otherwise we all knew that few greats used to take there place in the team for granted. Chapel broke that comfort, he made few changes, put seniors on there toes, criticized them. Result you can see, now that same seniors are firing there all cylinders.No body is talking about replacing or sacking Verendre Sehwag or Yuvraj Singh or MS Dhoni, because fundamentally they are fit players for T20. Sachin is in the best form, and too big to touch…so one should be realistic enough that its tough world and Money talks here.

Eyes front as South Africa's 'lost' son is back for the IPL

This week, apologies in advance: if you're sick of reading about Kevin Pietersen, you have this column's sympathy. But a chat with his temporary coach, Ray Jennings of the Bangalore Royal Challengers, has persuaded us that - in the week the Indian Premier League begins here in South Africa - the latest chapter in the Pietersen parable is just too good to ignore.English cricket is always flagellating itself for being soft and taking the easy option. It's one reason - that, and the weather - for the silly number of draws in the county championship (the figure for non-abandoned matches in 2008 was a snoozeworthy 53%). And yet English cricket remains stupidly suspicious of immodest excellence. Enter Pietersen, a man who takes hard options and knows he's good. It makes him gloriously unEnglish. The task he is about to undertake with the Bangalore Royal Challengers just about sums him up.Think about it for a moment. Pietersen is returning to a country where voluble sections of the crowd regard him as a traitor. He will be captaining two men - Jacques Kallis and Mark Boucher - who probably have their own views on his decision to leave South Africa. He will be playing for a coach who revels in his straight-talking toughness (yesterday, he told us Pietersen "doesn't score enough runs") and for an owner - the whisky, airline and F1 magnate Vijay Mallya - whose expectations of success are such that last year he sacked his chief executive mid-tournament. What does he think this is? Football?There's more. Pietersen will do the job for two weeks only, thus setting himself up for further accusations of being a mercenary, and his first game will be against Shane Warne, who used to regard him as a close friend but now thinks him "weird" and will do everything he possibly can to make him look a dummy. His second game? That's against Andrew Flintoff, the bloke who denies having anything to do with his downfall as England captain. And all this after he admitted to the Daily Mail that he was "at the end of his tether" in the Caribbean and wanted to go home.Parts of the scenario are of his own making and few will have much sympathy when his pro-rata earnings from a headline fee of $1.55m would be enough to buy a second-division centre-back. But the potential pratfalls are so many that you wonder about the sanity of an already very rich man in going along for the ride.There are a few explanations. Money is one, and let's not pretend otherwise. Ego is another, although Pietersen's famous self-regard is no more intact than that of certain other members of the England team: he's just more honest about it. A desire to show the England and Wales Cricket Board that he can thrive as a captain, however briefly, must have come into the equation.Then there's the notion of excellence, a simple enough idea that is easy to miss when the Pietersen peripherals are obscuring your vision. If the switch-hit symbolises his penchant for pushing himself that bit further, he also regards the IPL as an opportunity for English batsmen to catch up with Indians, Australians and South Africans. And he does so with a ruthless simplicity: "It's important for our players to learn how to hit fours and sixes," he said last month. "You can do that in Twenty20 cricket and you can practise it. You must practise it in order to play it." It was no surprise to learn that Pietersen, scheduled to arrive in Johannesburg this morning, had asked Jennings to organise an immediate net session.Lots could go wrong for Pietersen in the next couple of weeks. Lots of people here in South Africa certainly hope so. Failing that, he'll probably improve spectacularly on a Twenty20 record of three fifties in 29 innings. Either way - and regardless of your thoughts on the IPL - you have to admit the Pietersen parable is worth watching.

sacking Kaif and others...It had to happen

Rajasthan Royals decision to sack 7 players and send them back to India is a Phenomenal incident,and eye opener and should be viewed as an outcome of corporatization of cricket, it’s a first sign of harsh reality in cricket, where there is no place for emotion, loyalty. Here performance is the key, as it happens in corporate world, the companies who are ready to squander crores of Rupees on god becoming /behaving cricketers, one should also keep in mind that nothing comes as a rider in big dirty world of money. Here employers can asked to sack top notch cricketers like VVS laxman, Rahul dravid, and can give signal to sourav Ganguly, that your time is to say Tata, and make way to others , who can perform, in Totality, it may sound too harsh and Inhuman to we emotional Indians, but it had to happen and in My opinion its happening for good, these cricketers have become too big for there boots, they behave so arrogantly as if they are born star, generally don’t behave accordingly in public, the public who run after them, is treated shabbily. Look what was the response of Mr Harbhajan singh when he was asked that where was he at the time of Padam awards were being given?. So its good that in future we listen that one top cricketer has been fired from the team and has sent back and later has called bac again..its a matter of Money honey!!!! Be ready for that, nothing comes free in this world,