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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Robin as wicket keeper-its new form of the game

well its the demand of the modern cricket, that barriers are being broken to play this game, cricket has passed many bridges since its inception, from test cricket to one day to T-20 to 6 a side, to beach cricket. we are accoustemed of seeing specialist players like batsman, bowlers and wicketkeeper. though there have been always captains who experemented with the format. now seeing specialist batsman like Robin utthappa keeping the wickets send cricket fans bit in a tizzy. what is he doing behind the wickets? but he is doing his new job convincingly well, and he has given this task inspite having a world class kepper mark baucher in his side. this is the demand of the game, and it gives loud and clear, that this game is evolving, now only those will get to play in the team who has the ability to mould accordingly. because who knows that in the future , we get to see a wicketkeeper bowling also, this is matter of demand....

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